Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Rooms in Cottonwood, AZ

Here at Verde Valley Inn, we are popular for having some of the most comfortable, spacious, and peaceful hotel rooms in Cottonwood. We strive to provide efficient, exceptional and equal hospitality service to our entire clientele through a range of accessibility facilities. Since the inception of our hotel, we have taken measures to promote full accessibility and premium quality services. We have several hotel rooms to meet the needs of clients with physical challenges. All our handicap accessible hotel rooms are tastefully designed, well-furnished, and generously proportioned to create a sense of comfort and welcome to all our guests.

Stay without restrictions

Here at Verde Valley Inn, we are mindful of the needs and comfort of all our guests, especially the physically disabled or those who need specialized services to fully enjoy their stay with us. This is why our wheelchair-accessible rooms feature modernized, thoughtful adaptations to guarantees safety and ensure mobility. Regardless of your physical disability, you can be confident that your time spent at our hotel will be indulgent and relaxing.

Public areas are wheelchair-accessible

It is easy for individuals to enter our hotel using a wheelchair because we have a step-free entrance and a wide door. Just like other hotels near me handicap accessible facilities, we strive to enable active and equal integration of persons with disabilities in all areas of our hotel. With our simple design in all our public areas, you can have easy access without any problem.

Hotel rooms

Apart from our elegant cozy wheelchair accessible hotel rooms, our hotel features a simple layout with adequate space to allow wheelchair users to maneuver around with ease. Our doors are wide enough and there is space on each side of the bed to accommodate the wheelchair. The accessible rooms feature free Wi-Fi connectivity, which guarantees convenience for guests to stay in touch with their loved ones during their time in Cottonwood. We have also invested in EV chargers for guests who use electric vehicles.

Hotel bathroom

Our bathrooms are exceptionally suited to all disabled persons. They are spacious enough to ensure that guests have adequate space to move around when using the bathroom facilities. They also have toilet support rails to ensure ease of use. In addition, the bathroom is also equipped with a hairdryer, cosmetic mirror, and an accessible washbasin.

Finding a handicapped hotel room near meis quite a challenge for many people. This is why we have taken the steps to ensure that we cater to the needs of the physically challenged. You can be sure to have a fantastic stay with us because we ensure that everything is top-notch. Give us a try today and enjoy the best accessibility services that you have never experienced before.

The Verde Valley Inn is proud to offer the following amenities:

Property Accessibility Features

ADA Accessible Guest Rooms Bathtub in all rooms with Service Animals Allowed

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